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QUESTION; "What moves you to action, what causes a response in compassion? Well we are so excited to inform you. we at World Vision Foundation has chosen to be moved to the point of making a difference in the area of reaching out to those who really need our support. Our ultimate goal before the end of this year is to raise over $300,000 dollars for the charity of your choice with your support.

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Please help us reach our "GOAL" or 10,000 Subscribers to help fight Cancer, Leukemia, Sickle Cell and other deadly diseases. Every Subscriber gives $3.00 toward your favorite charity.

"Our World Vision"

The ultimate world vision is a global platform by which you can and will have the opportunity to give into a charity, foundation, and fundraiser of your choosing. We are looking forward to helping and assisting you in supporting your world vision cause. and bringing change to your city, community and the nation at large. Therefore, this campaign World Vision Foundation has been set up just for that cause and purpose. We have a goal of raising $300,000 that will go to different charities and fundraisers of your choice. 

Thank you for your financial support, together can reach this goal and change
lives as well together. Any amount that you desire to give is much appreciated.
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Below you will find some foundations that has brought great change throughout the world. And we want to thank everyone who has supported these awesome great causes.

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We support "World Vision We would love for you to become a monthly Sponsor to help the movement. Again, thank you for your support.
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Every act of donation goes straight into your favorite Charity

Our Ultimate Charity Goal 
is $ 300,000
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